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Nov 16

Cuckoo Offering Placement Opportunity In 2017

Having only done this twice before but having had amazing experiences both times, we are offering a placement opportunity beginning in early 2017 for the right person.

Our previous 2 placement students were Karl and Kasey and they were both from DIT.

Your name does not need to start with a 'K' to get a placement here and, no, you don't necessarily need to be studying in DIT. That's just how it worked out those two times. 

Kasey (formerly Lisa) wrote about her time with us here and Karl wrote about his time with us here.

Those 2 blog posts will likely either have you wanting to read more or thinking 'Jesus, no, I don't fancy working with that lot.' Either is cool.


You may have heard us say stuff like this before but it's important to reiterate at this time...

We won't take a placement student if we don't find someone we think will fit well with us. We've offered a placement position on another occasion and just didn't feel we found anyone that'd be a good fit. The way we see it, if we don't find someone we gravitate towards then it's not going to work for you or for us. We hope that makes sense. 

We also won't even offer a placement in the first place unless we know we've enough work on to make it a worthwhile experience for you. 

To be clear

This is a placement / work experience opportunity. 

This is NOT an internship, as such. When we do internships we do them when we're nearly 100% sure there'll be a full-time job for the person at the end. We've done them twice and we've kept both people on full-time afterwards. This, however, is not that.

This is an opportunity that will likely suit someone studying event management and who needs to source placement / work experience beginning early 2017 for 5 - 8 months or so. 

Non-students are free to apply - plenty do when we offer these - but we need you to be very clear on the fact that we're not offering this placement with a view to there being a full-time role for you once it's over. 

Here's what's in it for you:

  • Expenses. We won't be paying you a full-time salary but we'll be paying you expenses. 
  • Opportunities of paid work. You will get to work on our events when there are roles you can fill. Naturally, we likely won't have you working as Safety Officer on a huge city-wide event, but there will be loads of work going for you. There always is.
  • Experience with an industry-leading company. We're at the forefront of the event industry here in a wide variety of ways. We run some of the biggest events in the country. Check our case studies. We run training courses that educate and elevate the industry as a whole. We do a lot of work with colleges running event management courses. We put ourselves out there and we do what we can.
  • Exposure to large-scale event planning and Event Safety. If you're interested in the planning of events with tens of thousands of attendees and sometimes hundreds of thousands of spectators, then we can offer you a look behind that curtain. If you're interested in Event Safety, then we're the right people to do a placement with. We're Ireland's only Event Safety specialists. 
  • To work in an award-winning event management company. We've won at the Irish Event Industry Awards, the International Festivals & Events Association Awards, as well as Social Media Awards, Web Awards, eircom Spiders and more. We take great pride in everything we do and how we do it. 
  • The best training available. Our Event Team members undergo a Core Skills Training programme. You'll get to partake in the programme too. These are skills and certs that will stand to you well beyond your time with us. First Aid, Manual Handling, Disability Awareness, Fire Safety and more. They're all very good to have in this industry.
  • Working with some great event professionals. Our Teams, both part-time and full-time are the best in the industry. We don't mind saying it because we work hard to make sure it's the truth. You'll learn so much just from working alongside our Team.
  • Working in a fun office. Our office isn't a corporate environment. Don't get me wrong - we're effective. We get it done. We just enjoy ourselves while doing it and we enjoy doing it well.
  • Real experience planning and running events. Our aim is to give you as much autonomy and responsibility as you're able for and willing to take. This helps ensure that your time with us is as worthwhile for you as possible. Previously we've had placement students plan and run client events for us from start to finish. 
  • Future work. The students we've had before have continued to work with us well after their time on placement with us came to an end. 

What we expect

We're quite picky and we make no excuses for it. Us not thinking you're the right fit for us doesn't mean you won't have a great career in events. It just means we're not the right fit for you. We're generally right on this one. We know people who we've not given work to who are now working elsewhere and doing quite well. We're not for everyone and that applies to clients and team members also. 

So, we reckon we need you to be:

  • Nice. You need to like doing good and like being nice. Sounds odd, I know. Think about it though.
  • Interested in variety. We work on ALL sorts of events. You'll probably LOVE some and you'll LEARN on others without needing to love them. That's the business and it's the same for all of us. 
  • Excited to be operational on events. We don't just plan them and have others do them. We get stuck in. We're strategic but we're doers too. We spend time on green-field sites moving barriers as well as designing queueing systems for large events in the office. Variety.
  • Confident. Know you. Know your value and know what you want to learn. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. We like confidence.
  • Interested in what happens BEFORE the event. We do a lot of event planning work. That means Risk Assessments, Site Meetings, Statutory Meetings, maps and more. There a LOT to planning events and we want you to want to learn that side of things too. It's not all clipboards and high heels. In fact, I can't remember the last time I wore heels. . . 
  • Sure that events are for you. We are not looking to help someone find out if events are for them. Don't waste our time. You need to LOVE events and KNOW this career is for you. 
  • Happy to sell. We all sell in here. That's what gets the gigs. We work on tenders in the hopes of winning contracts for events. It's all part of it. Without selling, there's no doing. We don't have a sales team. We all sell so don't be scared of that.
  • Able to use the usual computer software. Anything MORE than that could be a bonus but you need to be comfortable with the usual suspects.
  • Happy to speak up. We work in a very collaborative environment. Everyone's ideas are valid. That means yours too. Speak up if you've something to say. You'll see how the office works. . . 
  • Happy to do a few blog posts on your experience with us. It may seem like something silly to you but we value this stuff. It works. Others in your position find them very useful and we like to help.
  • Happy to sign your life away. This just means you'll sign a contract saying you won't reveal all our secrets and take things you hear / learn in the office and broadcast them to others. It's only fair, I hope you agree?
  • Good. We need you to be good. We hire based on our gut feeling and we've only come close to being wrong once. We can sense when someone is good. You'll need to stand out from all the others. 

It's a long list, I know. We could have gone on and on but that hopefully gives you a snapshot of where we're at.

What may tip the odds in your favour

These may not make or break anything but, realistically, they'll definitely further your cause:

  • Experience in events
  • Interest and skills in Social Media - Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter in particular
  • Full driver's licence
  • Graphic design skills & experience
  • An interest in Event Safety in particular 

If you've a string to your bow that you believe should stand to you, then be sure to highlight it. 

A few final tips

  • Take a look around the website to be sure you fancy working with us.
  • Do yourself justice. If you want to work with us then give yourself the best shot.
  • Be creative. Stand out from the crowd. CVs and cover letters are standard. Feel free to send those in. 
  • If you ARE going to send in a CV then have a read of this
  • Understand we're very picky. We are how we are and we trust our gut instincts on people. If you don't get invited for interview or don't get the role, it doesn't mean you're no good or won't have a great career in events. It just means we felt someone else would suit us better for this. 

The important stuff

This placement is for 5 - 8 months or so (to match the college placements) from around early February 2017 through to whenever works for you, really.

We know placement periods vary from college to college so we can be flexible here for the right person. 

General hours will be 9am - 5pm, based at our office in Dublin 8. Allowances are made for time spent on events outside of normal hours, or for anything else reasonable. 

We will not entertain any new approaches for this work after 5pm on Wednesday 7th December 2016.

If we think it's worth you coming in for a chat then we'll get in touch and look to meet with you the week after that. 

Send anything you're sending in support of your application for the work to mark@cuckoo.ie 

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