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Feb 14

Learning Events The Cuckoo Way

Karl Kelly has recently joined us in Cuckoo HQ on his placement from Event Management in DIT. He's written this post about his experience so far.


So it's been two and a half weeks since I walked into Cuckoo HQ and here's what I've learned so far...

Well, first off, when they say they are nice people that isn’t just a marketing gimmick - they are really nice people. Having worked in office environments before I know how dull and boring it can be to walk into the office every morning. But at Cuckoo the minute I walk in I get greeted with a hello and smile (not to mention jars full of sweets).

Another thing that struck me straight away is how nicely the phone is answered. They say if you smile on the phone the other person can sense it and that’s definitely the case here. It's all about sharing the positive vibes.

Now for the important stuff.

As someone who has worked in and around events for about 8 years I come into Cuckoo as someone who has a good idea of the area (like I know cow gates aren’t just for cows). I also know my way around an Event Management Plan or two so when I get handed one to look through on my first day I don’t get a massive shock. What I AM surprised by, however, is that I am asked to “see how we can make this better”. This event had already happened so why would it need to be any better? Well here is the first important lesson for me – events, even when finished, can always be made better.

Events, even when finished, can always be made better!

I work on many events that happen regularly or annually and yes we have debriefs and review what happened but it’s about fixing problems. It's never about looking at what went well and trying to improve that. The minute you take something for granted is the minute something goes wrong. This is the first difference I have learned between professional and non-professional event managers. Attention to detail is key and you will only ever get that much attention from people who are passionate and experienced.

This leads me onto my second observation about the Cuckoo way – passion. I have worked with people who say they love working events, but what that actually means is they love going to events which is a completely different experience.

To be passionate about events you have to be the type of person who goes to events and spends more time looking at the way people queue for the toilet then the actual act itself. You also have to be a person who says to yourself “I can make this event better.”

They guys in Cuckoo are these type of people and they have this passion in abundance.

Passion is key!

The final thing that I have learned so far is you have to be creative. Events are always challenging and you need to come up with ways to make something which may of never happened before happen. The first event I was lucky enough to work on with Cuckoo was one exactly like that and I quickly realised that Cuckoo HQ is the place to be creative.

The whiteboard wall is not used a sales tool but a way of making you think about the problems you face and coming up with creative solutions.

Be creative! 

Looking forward to learning more about the Cuckoo way!

Mark Breen
February 5, 2014, 12:12 AM

Ah but Ita, shots of the whiteboard would give away all the Cuckoo secrets! Can't be having that now!

ita coghlan
February 4, 2014, 08:43 PM

Hi Karl, great to hear all at Cuckoo Events r well. Liked the blog. A shot of the whiteboard next time maybe? Best, Ita

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