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Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ
Feb 14

Aine's Time In Cuckoo HQ

Aine was with us in January 2014 for a couple of days each week. She was a joy to have around Cuckoo HQ. She wrote this post about her time with us. We like Aine and we're looking forward to her coming back to us at some stage!


For years I wanted to be a teacher until I did work experience several times and realised that the job has no ‘fun’ appeal. Not for me anyway. I no longer wanted a strict timetable of 9am – 3pm. I wanted a job that would be challenging but also fun.

I had met Marian from Cuckoo in my first year of UCC when she was stage directing a show I had helped with the organising of. Each year, Marian returned and I was mesmerised by her job. All thoughts of wanting to be a teacher vanished. An event planning job had all the criteria I needed: no a strict timetable and fun and challenging.

I picked my Masters accordingly: PR & New Media and from day one of accepting the Masters, had dreams of one day doing an internship with the company Marian works for; the one and only Cuckoo Events.

Much to my surprise, on meeting Mark (the Cuckoo Managing Director) for the first time, he casually offered me a job with the company if I moved to Dublin. I jumped at the chance and during my month off in January, I did work experience two days a week with Cuckoo.

The minute I stepped into the office on day 1, I smiled. Mostly because there was a sign saying “Give us a smile!” It’s true what those scientists say: smiling does release endorphins, I instantly felt happy.

Mark greeted me with a friendly smile and as soon as I sat down at a computer, this little army greeted me:

I was unusually shy on my first day but it was ok as I was left on my own for the first two hours, during which I was tasked with looking for quotes on event bars and prices of photo printing for the #CuckooClaus photos. I was glad of the random but cheerful & useful jobs I was given. There’s nothing worse than doing work experience and feeling in the way and useless. Marian and Martin came in while I was googling and the party started then. We all worked to Martin’s techno DJ music. He loves his technow. Who needs any of those clubs on Harcourt St when you have the lively Cuckoo Events HQ?

On my second day, I felt more at ease and we were run off our feetsearching for warehouse-type venues in Cork. As we worked, we were getting to know each other more. We all worked together, bopping our heads to the radio.

On Day 3, I was asked to source red carpets, poles and ropes for an upcoming event. I was also asked to look for envelopes for the #CuckooClaus photos to be delivered to the nice people in. I spent the rest of my day doing event-based research. Once finished this mission, I asked my usual “Can I do anything for you?” then skipped out the door at 5.30, already looking forward to the next day and the what Cuckoo jobs I would be given next.

On Day 4, the team were mainly out on business meetings so I had a chance to actually take in my surroundings. I love Cuckoo HQ. I find it so peaceful and cosy. Always one for positive thinking, I am in love with their office. Dotted around the office are jars of sweets, teddy bear mascots and other quirky, wonderful elements.

That day I was tasked with researching all of the GAA halls and rugby halls in the country. Once that was finished, I was looking up mid to high-end restaurants. As it was for a communion, I wanted to make sure that the food was exquisite for the parents but that there was also food suitable for the communion girl.

On Day 5, I felt right at home in the Cuckoo HQ. Today, I was introduced to the new intern, Karl. Karl and I shared the task of searching for systems of managing credit card payments. After a lot of research we found one that’s the perfect fit for what Cuckoo wanted. Maybe it’s the hat I was wearing or knowing it was my second last day, but I felt more confident, more myself. Naturally a bit of a messer, I even found myself teasing Mark about a phone call he had the week before. Oops, maybe not the best of ideas to mock one of my bosses... 

Agh! My last day! Sigh. En route to the office, I picked up Marian a latté as the café was all out of chai. The guy serving me asked “Would you like the latté strong?” At my wide eyed “I haven’t a clue” face, he laughed and asked if it was for “The Girl”.

I love that these companies are so close to each other that he knew who I was buying for and he knew exactly how she likes her coffee. So many nice people in close proximity to each other. I like that!

Mark & Martin were gone today, as they had a safety course in the UK. Karl and I made some lists on the whiteboard wall. Love that whiteboard wall!

Marian was having great fun being the boss and I have to say I learned a lot that day. You can’t imagine the amount of different types of tape event people need to bring to an event!

At 7.30 that evening, I told Marian “This office has basically everything. It’s just missing one thing”. I presented her with a message board. Think Chandler & Joey style. After that, it was just some sweets to add to the sweet collection and a nerdy HelloKitty teddy bear. Every office needs one, right?

I hugged Marian goodbye, smiled a goodbye to Karl and left the office.

“Ah don’t leave, you’re great craic!” is written on the chalk board door as I left.

I walked out with a heavy heart, already missing Cuckoo Events and the Cuckoo people who come with it. In the space of 6 days, the M&Ms (Marian, Martin & Mark, obvs) made me feel like one of them.

I miss the busy streets of Dublin, the coffees from The Food Gallery, the lovely Cuckoo Events people and the tasks I was given.

What can I say,  I’m just cuckoo about those Cuckoo people!


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