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Dec 14

Work Opportunities #3 - Red Bull, Body & Soul, Five Lamps Festival & More

This time round we've roles with Red Bull, Mixtape, Body & Soul and a lot more. Roles are both voluntary and paid.

Roles featured in this mailer as follows:

  • Mixtape - Account Executive [PAID]
  • Youth Nation - Junior Graphic Designer [PAID]
  • Central Arts - Sound Engineer [VOLUNTARY]
  • Five Lamps Festival - Marketing [VOLUNTARY]
  • Body & Soul - Décor Manager [PAID]
  • Fingal Volunteer Centre - St. Patrick's Day volunteers [VOLUNTARY]
  • Manual Lymph Drainage Ireland - Event Coordinator [VOLUNTARY]
  • Body & Soul - Volunteer Coordinator [PAID]
  • Five Lamps Festival - Facebook Organiser [VOLUNTARY]
  • Red Bull - Brand Manager [PAID]

You can read the mailer here

If you're interested in signing up for the mailers then you can click here.

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