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Jul 15

What do YOU want from a FREE #events conference?

We're putting together a conference for event students and people looking to get into events later this year. We're looking for YOU to tell us what you want included in it.

We know a little bit about events and we know people who know WAY more than we do. . . so. . . 

We're toying with the idea of running a conference for #eventstudents and people looking to get into events later on this year. 

We'll pay for it. You won't pay to go to it.

Well, you may pay to book and then we'll give you your money back at the conference. At least that way we know people are definitely coming. Anyway, that's all technicalities. 

Here's the thing - we need this conference to be what YOU want it to be. It's pointless otherwise. 

So, click here and tell us what you'd like from a conference designed for you. 

If you're not interested, that's cool. We'll only run it if enough people want it. No hard feelings. 

Weve had a lot of good input already and the plan is taking shape. 

Spread the word

You can help us spread the word too by clicking this link to tweet it out for us.

Shannon Kavanagh
February 5, 2018, 02:40 pm

Ireland's licensing laws !

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