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Nov 14

Event Students Mailer #4

This is our 4th mailer designed specifically for event students and people looking to get into events. It contains one big announcement and a whole lot of events goodness too.

To sign up just head right this way

This mailer features the following:

  • Event People feature launching next week with Ruth McDonagh, Hell & Back [ANNOUNCEMENT]
  • Using drones to calculate crowd sizes [ARTICLE]
  • Bloody meetings will sap your will to live [RANT & ADVICE]
  • BriteSpace comes to Dublin [EVENT]
  • Weather can affect your event [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Getting started in events [PRESENTATION]
  • Question what you know [ARTICLE]
  • Your pit crew is key [CUCKOO BLOG POST]
  • Eat well to avoid stress [ARTICLE]
  • Bray Head Slide [CUCKOO CASE STUDY]
  • SXSW may not continue [ARTICLE]
  • Irony is funny [PICS]
  • Events quango went broke [ARTICLE]
  • The 4 brainstorming Fs [ARTICLE]
  • Some experiential genius [PICS]
  • Australia's biggest event [ARTICLE]
  • Get on LinkedIn [ADVICE]
  • I do love me a pool party [CUCKOO BOG POST]
  • Teamwork. Heaven-sent. [RECOMMENDED]
  • The Events Executive [ONE TO WATCH]

You can read the mailer here.

If you're interested in signing up for the mailers then you can click here.

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