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Oct 14

Event Students Mailer #3

Mailer number 3 for event students and those interested in getting involved in events here in Ireland was sent out today. You can sign up for them so you don't need to be checking back here, you know.

To sign up just head right this way

This mailer features the following:

  • Spectacular staging still has to work logistically [ARTICLE]
  • Risk Assessments for events [CUCKOO BLOG POST]
  • Outdoor event licensing review [RANT]
  • 'Get Shamrocked' Irish festival [EVENT]
  • Run For Your Lives event [CUCKOO BLOG POST]
  • Weather affecting events [CUCKOO BLOG POST & INFOGRAPHIC]
  • CV advice from Google SVP [ARTICLE]
  • 10 random but key skills event managers need [CUCKOO BLOG POST]
  • 15 amazing gig photos [CUCKOO BLOG POST]
  • 'Going viral' how to guide [ARTICLE]
  • 6 technical innovations for events you will love [ARTICLE]
  • Some fun unusual venues [ARTICLE]
  • Eric Prydz mega hologram [ARTICLE]
  • Saving money on events [ARTICLE]
  • Gigs in churches [CUCKOO CASE STUDY]
  • Professor Dr. G Keith Still [ONE TO WATCH]

You can read the mailer here.

If you're interested in signing up for the mailers then you can click here.

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