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May 15

Event Students Mailer #18

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This mailer features the following:

  • [INTERESTING] Why don't we all bump into one another?
  • [TIPS] Feasibility studies for events are a wise step in planning.
  • [CASE STUDY] Dublin Bay Prawn Festival.
  • [BLOG POST] High speed train + cyclists = not good.
  • [TIPS] 10 Events That Did Not Go As Planned.
  • [MARKETING] Hyundai communicate with ISS.
  • [ARTICLE] Working Smarter.
  • [REALITY] Stadium events don't cover stadium costs.
  • [IDEAS] A Space-Theme Cocktail Party Slide Show.
  • [SAFETY] New barriers for the Isle of Man TT this year.
  • [TIPS] 5 Rules to Help #EventProfs Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance.
  • [ARTICLE] Understanding the industry key for graduates.
  • [SAFETY] Drones overhead large events a safety worry.
  • [INTERESTING] 10 [Harsh) Truths Nobody Tells You About Being An Event Planner.
  • [CDM] New construction regs being enforced in UK.
  • [ARTICLE] The benefit of great supplier relationships.
  • [BLOG POST] Major mistake made at rugby final.
  • [TIPS] 9 Basic Secrets of All Successful Presentations.
  • [SAFETY] 'No cost too big for safety', say organisers.
  • [MARKETING] Value of Events in a Marketing World.
  • [MARKETING] 10 Hacks for Increasing Ticket Sales.
  • [RESCUE] Almost 50 people rescued during boat race. 

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