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Apr 14

Vehicles Shouldn't Be Moving Through Crowds Of Pedestrians

It's a vital element of any event that while you have pedestrians / attendees on site you should avoid having vehicles moving through the site. Some people don't seem to get that.

One of the team here was at an event in Dublin over the weekend where, around an hour before the event was due to close, there was vehicle movement in and among the attendees.

I don't really want to be having a go at the organisers but it's hard not to when this is happening. I genuinely don't know who runs it, either. 

Here are some photos. 

There was one occasion where a van trying to move through between two concession stalls had to wait for all the attendees to move from in front of each stall as it was that tight a space. So those who were there to enjoy the event had to move out of the way of what appeared to be a vendor looking to start taking his stall down early. 

The other thing is that this is a weekly food market. It's not some mad big one-off event. 

To be honest, you'd expect more of a safety focus with a regular gig like this. Systems should be well-established. 


It seems that at this one all the vehicle moved we noted was that of vendors.

Vendors can take a lot of managing. Generally they DO want to leave early as things tend to wind down and less people are on site. 

What's important is that the person in charge, be they the organiser, promoter, Event Controller or A. N. Other has informed the vendors in advance that they will not be permitted to bring vehicles on site until the event is over and that all attendees have been confirmed as having left the event. 

Attendees will not expect to have to worry about vehicles moving in and among them.

It's an accident waiting to happen. 

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