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Aug 16

Railing Collapse At Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Concert Injuries 42 People

A railing in front of the stage at a recent Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa concert collapsed, causing people to fall down 10 feet to a concrete walkway. Reports say 42 people were injured with 1 critically injured.

This happened at the BB&T Pavilion in New Jersey.

Snoop and Wiz were just beginning their set when the railing gave way and the incident occured. 

The pictures below (taken from the Mirror website) show the events as the railing collapsed.

The venue seems to be an interesting one. From what I can gather online the crowd we can see at the railing are on a sloping lawn area heading 'down' towards the stage. There's a concrete walkway in front of them around 10 feet below and then the stage area. This seems to result in the stage being level in height / lower than the audience at the front which is an odd configuration for a venue. 

Barriers, barriers, barriers. . . 

We've written about front of stage barriers on multiple occasions. It's an issue we encounter time and time again. 

To cut a long story short - barriers designed to be used at front of stage are designed to take pressure from a crowd. Crowd control barriers (CCBs) and railings like the one in this instance (from what I can tell from multiple videos and photos) are simply not designed to take pressure against them. 

Proper front of stage barriers are termed Mojo barriers. You can read all about Mojo barriers here

The White House have even used the wrong barriers and had issues during this concert by The Wanted on the lawn

The key question here is this - is it reasonable to expect that forward pressure will be exerted on the barrier? 

If the answer to the above is 'yes' then you need to use proper Mojo barriers.

CCBs are not designed to take crowd pressure. 

The railings in place during this incident do not look designed to take crowd pressure either. 

Below is a range of instances fro around the world in the past 12 months or so where CCBs have been used as front of stage barriers but shouldn't have been. Much like anything else - while CCBs are used and there are no incidents, organisers are likely to think it's ok to use them and continue doing so. 

The bottom line

Here's hoping nobody was badly injured at the Snoop and Wiz Khalifa concert. Thos organising that event - from what I can see - should not have let it go ahead with a railing like that acting as a front of stage barrier.

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