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May 15

Motorcycle Event Crash Sees Spectator And Two Riders Hospitalised

The recent Northwest 200 motorcycle racing event saw a crash involving 3 riders and a spectator. After being hit by a bike in the incident the female spectator was airlifted to hospital.

The injured spectator, Violet McAfee, was left with severe fracture to her left leg as well as a hairline fracture to the skull.

The crash sent one bike flying through the air and into the garden from where Ms. McAfee was watching the racing action. 

This photo shows the immediate aftermath of the crash, which happened on a sectiion of the course between York Corner and Mill Road Roundabout.

Ms. McAfee has been removed from intensive care and is said to be recuperating well. She is being reported as describing the incident as a 'freak' accident and as saying that she does not want the race banned over safety concerns resulting from this incident. 

Of the 3 riders involved in the crash, one was unhurt and the other two are being reported as stable now. 

The bottom line

We've written about the dangers of motor racing events numerous times before:

Crash During Nurburgring Motor Sports Event Kills Spectator

[VIDEO] Spectators Almost Killed By Car At Rally

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We've also written about how Motorsport Events Will Never Be Safe But They Can Be Safer and that's where we stand on it. 

Organisers have a duty of care to the attendees even if those attendees, in their own minds, think they understand the risks they're taking and accept them. 

These events can be safer and better. 

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