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Apr 15

Crash During Nurburgring Motor Sports Event Kills Spectator

A spectator at a motorsport event at the Nurburgring in Germany has died following an incident which saw a car rise into the air before, clear the safety fence and land in the crowd.

I've written about the dangers of motorsports before.

This blog entitled Motorsport Events Will Never Be Safe But Can Be Safer is one I did after the review into motorsport safety in Scotland was published.

Sadly, I've also had occasion to write about incidents where people have been killed, such as this one 3 People Die After Being hit By Monster Truck At Event and where people were very almost killed like this one Spectators Almost Killed By Car At Rally

This incident

A couple of weeks ago, during a VLN1 event, British competitor Jann Mardenborough crashed his car into the crowd, injuring multiple people and killing one despite immediate medical attention.

While cresting a hill on the course Mardenborough's car flipped straight up, hit the 12ft safety barrier and landed into the crowd. 

Mardenborough walked away from the crash relatively unscathed.


The course is known to be dangerous but there don't seem to be too many accidents involving spectators. 

On the other hand, as of 2010 the figure for professional drivers killed at the track stood at 68. 

Others have died at open track days where members of the public get to enjoy the track. 

It's known to have few run off areas, hills, blind corners and more challenging elements. 

Bottom line

Same as always. 

Motorsports are dangerous. They always will be. 

Being a spectator at them carries risks. 

See pics below of the incident and aftermath. 

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