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Nov 15

NFL Player Reveals Extent Of Hand Injury After Fireworks Accident

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has shown the world how the 4th of July fireworks accident has left his right hand permanently disfigured.

The NFL star may well be back on the pitch soon and it seems the Giants are sticking with him in the hopes he can continue to play at the top level.

They've just signed him to a $1.5m contract that could grow to well over $8 million with bonuses and expenses. 

Pierre-Paul has never fully explained what happened during the fireworks incident. He takes the blame for the accident that occurred during a fireworks display he had put on annually for local children for the previous 6 years. He says "By me buying the fireworks, it was my fault."

He has acknowledged the dangers of fireworks, saying: "You shouldn't play with them. This is seven years I did it, and it just went off."

He lost his index finger and has had multiple surgeries and skin grafts. 

The bottom line

As Pierre-Paul has said himself, he's lucky to be alive.

Fireworks are dangerous and can cause serious injury and death. 

They're not toys.

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