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Jan 14

18 Dead And Over 60 Injured In 'Stampede' In Mumbai

Tragic scenes unfolded earlier today in Mumbai as thousands of people gathered to pay their respects to spiritual leader Dawoodi Bohras Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin who passed away on Friday.

Less than 2 weeks ago we did this blog post on a similar tragic event at a mosque in China where 14 people died

This is FAR too common an occurrence around the world.

It seems that thousands of people gathered at the late religious leader's residence seeking to gain entry to pay their respects. 

Local police officials have been quick to state that there was no stampede. They are saying that suffocation was the cause of death and that the death toll will likely rise. 

Stampede V suffocation? People died. 

It seems, from early reports at least, that there were a few thousand people involved here. It's an extremely high death and injury toll for a stampede with such a relatively small crowd.

It serves to highlight that you don't need huge crowds for things to go drastically wrong if things are not managed properly. 

It is reported that the local police did shut down some roads as the crowd swelled.

Sadly it seems whatever WAS done was done too late. 

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