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Jan 15

High Winds Cause Marquee Collapse During Farm Machinery Show

The remainder of the Q8 Farm Machinery show had to be cancelled after a serious marquee collapse this week.

Hurricane Rachel and her high winds caused this marquee at the Q8 Farm Machinery Show in Balmoral, Lisburn to collapse, resulting in the show event having to be abandoned. 

Reports say several people sustained injuries, with one being transported to hospital.

Shortly after 12 noon on Wednesday the storm took its toll.

Chairman of the Agricultural Committee, DUP MLA William Irwin is quoted as saying:

“This is a very concerning incident and obviously the high winds and exposed nature of the site has led to a significant part of this marquee being blown apart. 

“I will be making inquiries on this matter to see if more could have been done to better secure the structure given that high winds have been a feature of our weather in recent days.”

“If the incident had occurred any earlier it could have been a very different outcome and hopefully lessons can be learned in terms of ensuring that in this type of weather these temporary structures are securely stayed to the ground.”

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