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Feb 14

10 People Charged After Deaths At Love Parade In 2010

A crowd crush in a tunnel at The Love Parade festival in Duisberg, Germany in 2010 resulting in the deaths of 21 people. This week 10 people have been charged in relation to the deaths.

The crush occurred in a narrow tunnel which was the only entrance to the festival site. 

Along with the 21 people who died, a further 500 people were injured on that day in July 2010.

The Interim Police Report

The finger has so far been pointed at the gates being over 2 hours late opening resulting in a crowd of thousands having gathered at and in the tunnel. It is also reported that there was no PA system or megaphones to communicate with the crowd at the entrance and at the tunnel.

The then Mayor of Duisberg was forced to step down in 2012. He was openly accused of ignoring warnings that the venue could not safely hold the expected attendance numbers

The report outlined numerous planning and crowd management mistakes which would seem to have contributed to the tragedy in 2010.

The Charges

Over three and a half years later the charges have been brought. Of the 10 people facing charges 4 are involved with the festival organisers Lopavent and the other 6 are members of the administration of the City of Duisberg. 

There were initially 16 people to be charged but the charges against 6 were dropped due to insufficient evidence. 

The charges are of negligent manslaughter and causing bodily harm. 

Love Parade Origins

The Love Parade started out in Berlin in 1989 and grew into a huge event attracting techno music lovers from all over the world. It eventually moved on to different cities after it ran into difficulties in Berling with locals and the council. As the event grew year on year the council were hit with the cleanup bills once the millions of ravers had left the city. The organisers had trouble getting permission to hold the event in the capital any longer. 

Around the same time the event started to become more and more commercialised and the founder stepped away from it as a result, wanting nothing to do with it as it, to his mind, 'as a result of its increasing commercialisation'.

What's to come

This case will be an extremely interesting one and I'd imagine it's not going to be a short one. This was a huge tragedy and impacted on a lot of lives as a result of the deaths and injuries. 

I'd imagine it's taken this long for the prosecution to get all their affairs in order and I doubt they'd be proceeding to prosecute unless they felt they had very strong cases. 

Of course it won't bring back the 21 dead. 

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