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Aug 15

Lollapalooza Artist Arrested During Performance For Safety Reasons

Rapper Travis Scott's Lollapalooza performance came to an end just 5 mins in after he encouraged fans to ignore security and storm the stage.

Reports suggest Scott was 30 minutes late for a set that was only supposed to last 45 minutes anyway, and then disappeared off stage after inciting this mayhem, between 5 and 10 minutes into the set. 

Click on the image below to see the video of the incident that appeared over on Twitter.

Here's how things looked on-stage shortly after Scott issued the call for fans to join him. 

Here's a picture from the crowd's perspective. Audience members believe, at the time this picture was taken, that authorities were attempting to arrest Scott. 

The Office of Emergency Management said the following in a statement, according to ABC News “The performer played one song and then began telling fans to come over the barricades...Due to the security’s quick response, the situation was remedied immediately and no fans were injured. The performer fled the scene and was taken into custody a short while later.”

Reports go on to suggest that Scott was arrested shortly thereafter for 'disorderly conduct' however his representatives deny that. 

Billboard received a statement from C3 Presents, the company that organises Lollapalooza, which reportedly states "Fans jumped the barricade into the security pit at Lollapalooza during Travis Scott’s performance on Saturday. The situation was resolved quickly and no patrons were injured. Operations have resumed as normal. Chicago Police are handling the matter."

The bottom line

Travis Scott is clearly an idiot.

What he did here put people in danger. That's the truth of it. 

It also put equipment in jeopardy too and that equipment would be worth a lot of money. 

I doubt much will come of the charges filed against him but I'm sure this is the type of thing Lollapalooza definitely don't want happening at their event.

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