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Dec 15

Courtside Spectator Injured In Collision With Lebron James

Ellie Day, wife of golfer Jason Day, was removed on a stretcher and in a neck brace, after Lebron James collided with her while she was enjoying a basketball game from courtside.

You can watch the video below to see what happened.

Late in the game and with the scores very close, James was attempting to keep the ball in play. In doing so he collided with Ellie Day with them both subsequently hitting the floor in a heap. 

Lebron got back up as quickly as he could to get back in the game by Ms. Day wasn't so lucky.

She has compared the collision as being involved in a car accident but has absolved James of any blame. 'He was simply doing his job' says Day, having been released from hospital after being checked out. 

The risk

The coah of Lebron's team, the Cavaliers, has expressed his concern about the proximity of the courtside seats to the action. 

It's a legitimate concern. 

From a spectator's perspective, I understand wanting to be as close to the action as possible. The thing is, most spectators don't consider their own safety in these situations. That's the responsibility of the NBA powers-that-be and the venue safety people etc.

Event safety professionals like us need to think about the spectator's safety FOR them. 

That's the job.

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