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Mar 15

INFOGRAPHIC - Using Bouncy Castles & Inflatables At Your Events

This is the first in our latest series of infographics designed to help festival and event organisers keep people safe at their events. For this one we're looking at bouncy castles and inflatables.

It's very common to see bouncy castles and inflatables at all types of events. 

I doubt there's a family fun day, garden party, local festival or open day event that doesn't have some inflatable attractions at them.

We've seen them used at events where they've been far from safe though. 

We tend to see the same issues coming up all the time so we decided we'd put an infographic together to help people understand what's involved in having bouncy castles and inflatables at their events and making sure they're safe.

Check out the infographic entitled Using Bouncy Castles & Inflatables At Your Events

Safety Session

To complement each of the infographics in this series we're also offering a Safety Session on each of the highlighted topics.

We'll then be able to put together half-day and full-day sessions for you based on what areas you want covered for your committee or event team.

We'll be able to combine these with our established modules too, offering comprehensive, fully tailored sessions

Sessions currently available include:

  • Event Safety in Ireland
  • Event Safety & the Law in Ireland
  • Event Safety: the Simple Stuff
  • Key Aspects of Event Safety for Festival & Event Organisers
  • Traffic Management: Control, Divert & Direct

The bottom line

Bouncy castles and inflatables can be great elements to any event but they need to safe for those using them.

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