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Jun 15

Police Use Tear Gas To Move On Crowd Outside Hip Hop Concert

A major hip hop concert in New Jersey last night saw people clash with police outside the venue. There were numerous scuffles and arrests and a number of 'military-style' tactics were used by the police to disperse the crowd.

The concert was the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, which saw Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz, Big Sean and Chris Brown perform at the Metlife Stadium.

It seems a large crowd of people were seeking to gain entry to the event without tickets. 

Police had bottles thrown at them and were engaged in multiple scuffles with people in the crowd.

This video gives you a flavour of the scene. At around the 2:10 you can see a fight at the ticket window. I can't quite make out with whom they're fighting - whether it's a security guard, another concert-goer or a member of the police. 

You can also see people jumping the fence in the video above too.

The video below shows that the police were, indeed, having bottles / 'missiles' thrown at them. 

Police tactics

In the first video above you can hear a high-pitched tone. This is a tactic employed by police to make the area so inhospitable to those in attendance that they will move on.

According to officials they also then proceeded to use tear gas on the crowd to get them to disperse. 

These measures as well as extra troops being deployed were for 'crowd control' according to police spokesperson Sgt. Gregory Williams. 

The bottom line

If you're going to cause problems then the police are going to have to react. I'm sure people will say they were heavy-handed and perhaps they were. 

As I've spoken about before - as soon as you're into crowd CONTROL as opposed to crowd MANAGEMENT then something has gone wrong. 

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