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Jun 15

Metal Scoreboard Panel Falls On Crowd At French Open

Play was disrupted during a quarter-final match at the French Open today when a large metal panel fell from the scoreboard onto the crowd below.

3 people were injured when the panel fell and spectators had to help lift the panel out of the spectator area.

Reports indicate all injuries were minor. One spectator was removed by ambulance with an apparent wrist injury. He was able to wave to the crowd as he left so it seems likely he's not too badly hurt.

Around 200 spectators were temporarily evacuated from the area until officials were satisfied that it was safe for them to return to their seats.

High winds

It seems the panel came loose as a result of high winds.

Shortly after the incident, staff could be seen high on top of Court Philippe Chatrier doing some remedial work on the scoreboard. 

We've written about the dangers of strong winds before in this post entitled Chevy Stage Takes On Weather. Stage Loses and this one entitled High Winds Cause Marquee Collapse During Farm Machinery Show among others. 

We've also produced an infographic entitled 17 Overlooked Ways Weather Can Affect Your Event.

Wind really can play havoc with outdoor events.

Just last weekend at Bloom in the Park here in Dublin the decision was taken to evacuate and close one of the large marquees due to high winds.

It's not a decision taken lightly by any Safety Officer or event management team. Sometimes it has to be done though. 

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