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Sep 13

Beyonce Pulled Into Crowd By Fan At Concert In Brazil

At a recent concert in Brazil Beyoncé was pulled off stage and into the crowd by a fan right up the front.

We recently did a blog post here entitled 6 Reasons Events Need Specialist Pit Security and the first reason we outlined was this:

  • Performers will be safer

Check out this video from a recent Beyoncé concert in Brazil where she gets pulled off stage by a fan up near the front. 

Now, from the video and from the picture below you can see that the concert was done 'in the round' meaning there are fans pretty much surrounding the stage. 

It's very hard to tell if there is any mojo barrier situation in use either. 

It seems an oversight to have the audience SO close to the stage so as they can literally reach out and grab the performer.

Beyoncé was lucky she wasn't hurt and others weren't hurt as her security restreived her. 

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Do you think that's a safe environment for a performer?

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