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Aug 16

Stupid Person Climbs 100ft PA Tower At Avicii Gig In Belfast

Video has surfaced online of someone at the top of a 100ft high PA tower at the recent Tennents Vital gig in Belfast.

Let's be clear here - this is a ridiculous thing to do

It's highly dangerous and the guy in question put both himself and people below him in danger here.

A few questions spring to mind:

  • How easy was it for him to access the base of the tower to climb it?
  • Did any staff notice him climbing it?
  • What COULD staff actually do upon realising he was up there?
  • How does the risk change once people realise he's there and start reacting to him etc.?
  • What happened once he came down? Was he ejected?
  • Did anything change once they came down? Was the barrier line around the base of the tower enhanced? Were extra staff resources deployed to ensure others didn't climb it? 

You can check out the video of the incident here

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