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Nov 16

Public Applications Open For Introduction To Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis Course, Feb 2017

Applications have opened for Ireland's first public 'Introduction to Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis' course, being run by Cuckoo Events and led by the world's leading authority in the field, Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still.

We recently announced that we've become an International Training Partner of Keith's and this is the first of these courses we're running in Ireland. 

Interest in the course has been high with over 60 people signing up to an interest / waiting list in the last few weeks. 

Those people were the first to be able to apply last week and there are now only 8 places left on the course.

These remaining places are now open to the public. 

All the details on the course can be found HERE

You can apply by clicking HERE

We're delighted with the response so far. It really speaks to how the industry here is developing and that people realise that knowledge and skills around Event Safety, crowd safety, risk analysis and more are important when running events. 

Attendees currently booked on the course look like this:

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