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May 15

DJ Steve Aoki Sued By Concert-Goer After Stage Dive

A woman is alleging she broke her neck when DJ Steve Aoki jumped onto a pool raft he threw into the crowd at a gig and is suing both the superstar DJ and venue.

Here is video footage of the incident.

The woman, Brittany Hickman, claims she still suffers from migraines and pain down her arms as well as numbness. 

She says she was knocked unconscious when Aoki landed in the pool raft and collided with her head. She awoke to find staff at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego tending to an injury to her ankle. She says she later went to the hospital to be told by doctors that she had broken her neck and could have been paralysed. 

Aoki has form

Aoki is known for his stage diving. It's long been a feature of his live shows. 

When he throws the pool raft / rubber dinghy out on to the crowd, then jumping into it, it's known among gig-goers as crowd-boating.

A quick look on Youtube and there are countless videos of Aoki stage-diving and crowd-boating, thus endangering the audience members. 

The bottom line

Stage-diving is extremely dangerous, both for the audience members and the artist. 

What's key here is the artist makes the decision to dive.

In doing so, THEY, endanger the audience members they choose to land on and, as such, have to accept the consequences, legal or otherwise. 

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