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Apr 14

INFOGRAPHIC - 13 Safety Considerations At Events Of All Sizes

We've had a couple of clients in the last few months ask us to give them a rundown on the basic things they should consider from an event safety perspective when running events of varying sizes. We decided it was worth an infographic.

We originally released this infographic to our mailing list last week and it was very well received, thankfully. 

If you missed out on it then you can go sign up here. You'll never miss out again. Get on that. 


If you're organising an event then you have a level of responsibility to ensure those who are there - attendees, staff, suppliers etc. - are all safe. 

Yes you may well be booking the local club or venue and yes you'd expect that THEY would be on top of ensuring the venue is safe. They may well be.

However, if they're not and something happens then you may be found in court to have been remiss in your responsibility to those at the event.

That's not far-fetched. We've seen it happen.

Irish courts

In Irish courts it's going to be one man or woman deciding your fate the vast majority of the time. It's rarely a jury. 

So if someone falls over at your event and breaks their leg and takes a case against you (as the organiser) and the venue and perhaps the security company and perhaps your cleaning contractor then a judge has to decide who's at fault, if anyone. 

Your solicitor will probably try to move responsibility to the venue / security / cleaners and the venue may try to move responsibility to the security / cleaners and so on. 

It'll likely come down to whomever has the best solicitor and who can prove they did everything they REASONABLY could have to ensure a safe environment. 

When it comes to it, you don't want the judge questioning whether YOU, as the organiser, had made reasonable efforts to ensure safety at the event. You want to be able to show what you did, the things you addressed with the venue and contractors in advance, how you made decisions on certain things etc.

You need to be able to paint the picture that you're a responsible person who understood your duty of care and made efforts to ensure safety at the event. 

Ask a professional

You can, of course, involve Event Safety professionals like ourselves.

Otherwise (and even if you DO involve professionals) it's helpful for you to have an idea of the things you need to be considering. 

So, here's the 13 Safety Considerations for Events of All Sizes [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here is an 'international version' of the infographic.

Basically we've replaced the word 'Gardaí' (Irish police force) with 'police' so it makes more sense to our friends overseas. 13 Safety Considerations for Events of All Sizes - International [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let us know your thoughts

Did we miss anything you think should be in there? 

Let us know in the comments section down below.

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