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Jun 14

Cuckoo, Marketing & Myself Presentation For IT Tallaght

A few weeks ago I was out in IT Tallaght speaking to a group of 1st year Advertising & Marketing students. They wanted me to speak about Cuckoo and how we market ourselves and how I got to where I am now. It went really well!


I got some lovely feedback from the students on this one, sent on to me by the lecturer a while after the session.

"I really enjoyed the seminar because it was really interesting....the quality of the seminar was very good and extremely professional. Mark's presentation skills were excellent, he was very confident and his points were easy to listen to and understand."

"Mark's presentation was very dynamic, he made us laugh and the whole class was interested in what he had to say."

"He provided a presentation which was very colourful and very informative. What I liked most about this seminar than the other seminars was that he was very informal, relaxed and straightforward....This seminar is by far my favourite."

"Mark's presentation skills were excellent, easy to listen to and also understand."

Sound. Thanks!

The session

A nice girl named Jenny had gotten in touch with me a while back. The class had been divided into groups and each group had to identify someone they felt the entire class would benefit from meeting and speaking with. 

Jenny's group decided they wanted to get someone who worked in event management to come in and speak. They Googled and Cuckoo came up first. They liked the site and sent me a mail.

I really enjoyed this one as it wasn't solely events focused.

My own background is marketing. I'm a graduate member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and have a keen interest in marketing and advertising, even beyond my professional life. My own personal blog is pretty much focused on advertising and marketing. 

Here is the slide deck. I've included some words this time so it should make sense even if you weren't there for the live version. I think. 

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