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Mar 14

Don't Run An Event Without Talking To Event Professionals

I really struggle to understand sometimes why people don't get this. I wouldn't try to fix a problem with my car without speaking to a mechanic. I wouldn't try to submit VAT returns to the Revenue without speaking to an accountant. Would you?

Without fail every gig I work on reinforces this one. 

Your event will be better if you involve / consult / talk to people who run events professionally. 

This isn't a sales pitch.

I'm not saying consult US. That's not my point. There are plenty of vastly experienced and knowledgeable event professionals in Ireland. There are probably some near you.

Find some that you trust and feel you can work with and talk to them.

We know things you likely won't know. We have seen things you probably haven't seen. 

  • We know that you need to leave clearance between vendors.
  • We know the ratio of security to patrons you should be working off. 
  • We know how people tend to behave in large crowds and in given situations.
  • We know how to calculate how many people fit in a room.
  • We know why different colour hi viz are a good idea. 
  • We know who should be on a radio.
  • We know suppliers who know how to do things properly.
  • We know what Fire Officers will take issue with.
  • We know you'll need more barriers than you think you will.
  • We know what makes for a safe stage structure and what doesn't.

We're very lucky in that we generally got asked to get involved in events because people recognise that they're not experts in these things. We don't need to sell them on the need for someone who does what we do.

They KNOW they need someone and they'd like that someone to be us. 

This attitude of 'sure we've always run it ourselves and it's always been grand' is a distinctly Irish one. It may well be true. If it is then you've been very lucky. More power to you. 

I'd suggest things will be better than grand if you involve people who know what they're at. 

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