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Dec 14

Real Event Business Trends For 2015 And Every Other Year

It's that time of year. There are lists of lists about what event trends are heading our way in 2015. I've no issue with lists, per se, but let's not lose focus on long term 'trends' and what will ALWAYS matter to clients and help us a get, and retain, business.

We recently sent out the tweet below and it sparked quite a few conversations & responses. 

Most of these 'event trends for 2015' lists and similar are mainly concerned with tech and new apps etc.

I'm ALL for tech that helps me do business more efficiently and offer better service to my clients but events is a people business and always will be

So, I decided I'd take a stab at reminding us all of some permanent 'trends' which will always matter. 

Here's my list of event trends for 2015 and every other year.

#1. Transparency

A clear & transparent approach to all dealings with your clients means a lot. 

Think about it. Don't you like to think all your suppliers are treating you the same?

Don't hide charges. Don't add margins to things unless you've disclosed to the client that you're doing so. 

#2. Fair pricing

We're all in business to make some money but fair's fair. 

In certain elements of what we do, there are competitors charging large multiples of our rates. Hats off to them, but it's not how we choose to do business. 

We can give better service at better prices and can make good money doing it. 

Don't be greedy. 

#3. Good service

Seems like a simple one, doesn't it?

Giving your clients a good service will never go out of fashion. 

It is the longest-running trend and will see no end to its trendiness. 

#4. Respect

I'm not even going to Google the statistics on how much easier (and more valuable) it is to up-sell a current customer rather than going out and getting a new one. I don't need to. Anyone in business will tell you it's true. 

Show respect for your clients. Don't give them the hard sell.

Don't screw them over when new pricing structures come into play. Understand that they have the same business pressures on them that you do. 

If you're going to be late with a payment, then respect them enough to call and discuss it with them. 

Remember your history with them and think of your future with them. 

#5. Investment

Investment in clients & prospective clients can come in various forms. Chief among those are time, interest and money. 

Spend time with your clients. Get to know them and what they do. Look beyond simply what you do for them. Show a genuine interest in their business. 

Maybe they have a need and you can recommend someone good for them to work with.

When I think of investing money I'm not thinking about buying into their business or buying them a nice Christmas present.

I'm talking about investing in your own systems, training, people and offering so that you can deliver better service to your clients. 

#6. Relationships

There's significant value in developing real and long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

Business will always be about people and this is especially true when it comes to the events business. 

You've probably known me to rant about this point before. 

People don't buy products. They buy people - they buy FROM people and INTO people.

You need to be among those people. 

#7. Being nice

It's been our USP since we started business and it still works really well. 

The event industry has too many people in it who aren't nice and, as an industry, we're known for that. 

Be nice. It'll work well for you. 

The bottom line

Trends, by strict definition, come and go. 

Unless you want to see your clients coming and going, then I'd suggest focusing on more than trends. 

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