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Mar 14

Double Decker Hot Tub Bus. You Read That Right.

It's a bus. A double decker bus. The top deck has hot tubs. It's a double decker hot tub bus.

This is the latest product offering from the people over at Bathing Under The Sky in the UK. 

I think it's wicked.

Having started in 2009 hiring wood-fired hot tubs, Bart and Alexandra quickly introduced barrel saunas and also moved into sales as well as hires. 

It seems they now do a lot of work at the 'cool' festivals in the UK including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight Festival, The Secret Garden Party, Bestival and more. 

I think these are a good idea and I hope they're busy in the UK.

I'm surprised they didn't appear at Picnic in its heyday too, to be honest. 

I'm now trying to come up with a festival / event we could bring them over for. . . leave it with me!

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