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Aug 14

7 Benefits Of Ticketing To Event Organisers

People running events should view ticketing as a fantastic tool, providing all sots of benefits & opportunities. It's much more than a receipt to prove someone has paid to attend.

Here are 7 benefits ticketing can offer to a smart event organiser.

Attendance numbers

A solid ticketing system allows you to know how many people are coing to and how many people are at your event.

This is beneficial for numerous reasons including financially and emergency exiting, should it be necessary.

Resource planning

Event Organisation

Knowing how many tickets are sold in advance of your event will enable you to plan your resources properly. It'll guide you in deciding how many staff you need, how many bars to open, how many toilets you need on site etc. 

Future sales

A nice potential benefit of a good ticketing system is that you can build a very targeted mailing list, consisting of people who have already been to your events. 

These make for extremely good leads for your next event / events.

Crowd Management

A good ticketing system will let you track how many people actually come in through the gates.

It'll identify what seating / standing areas are busiest and where you need to focus your crowd management efforts.  


Read the Small Print

People buying tickets in advance, whether hard copy tickets at an outlet, or ones they print themselves, allows you to communicate important information with them in advance. 

Things like opening time, performance times, what entrance they should use, rules in relation to alcohol consumption at the event etc. can all be communicated.

Terms & conditions always go on tickets too which could stand to you if you're ever sued by a crazy person over not informing them of stuff about your event. 


A proper ticketing system will let you very easily process refunds. Refunds are par for the course in events.

There are always genuine reasons people deserve refunds and the easier you can make the process, both for yourself and for your customers, the better. 

Customer experience

A well managed and efficient entry system can impact greatly on an attendee's overall experience of your event. 

It will most likely be their first proper interaction with your event and it needs to be a good one. 

The bottom line

Depending on the ticketing system you use, there can be many more benefits. 

The starting point is to understand that your ticketing system can and should offer multiple benefits. 

Look at all your options and choose something that'll work best for you.

If you need a hand, give us a shout. 

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