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Dec 15

Peek Behind The Scenes At Multiple Big 2015 Festivals In These Videos

The good people over at Event Industry News spent some time in 2015 visiting some huge festivals and have put together a number of short videos too. These are fascinating if you're into events.

We could have just done a tweet and linked to the page on Event Industry News but we didn't think that would be giving the EIN folks enough credit for what they've done here.

It's great to see people producing genuinely good content of interest to event professionals and future event professionals too. 

We regularly share good content from EIN but this is particularly good. 

You can follow EIN over on Twitter at @EventNewsBlog if you're interested. We suggest you do just that. 

Click below to go to the videos. They all play in a neat little playlist within the website so it's very handy.

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