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Feb 14

Take A Look Behind The Scenes At The Superbowl

If you're an event nerd like I am then the Superbowl is one of the biggest events each year. I've always wanted to see behind the scenes at the half time build and strike especially. Check out these videos which do exactly that.

NFL Full Contact did a great 40 minute show on what goes into running the Superbowl as an event. 

It's really well done.

The videos are below in 4 different 10 minute parts. 


Oh, and hat tip to Barry in Guardian Paramedics for putting me on to this one!

If you couldn't be arsed then here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights:

  • 8000 staff
  • 41 large pieces of staging stretching 1/ of a mile end to end 
  • $700m economic impact
  • 7-8 min to set up half-time stage
  • Stage setup during rehearsals didn't go well
  • More than 200 AV and pyro connections under the stage
  • The top man descirbed it all 'like a battle plan to coordinate troops'
  • 1 of the stage cart collapsed during rehearsals, resulting in 1 person being airlifted out and 1 going to hospital in an ambulance 
  • The Superbowl is a designated Level 1 security event by the Federal Governmentt
  • EVERYONE goes through security. NO exceptions. 
  • Mission Control is like Flight Control in a huge airport
  • Productions assistants went MIA
  • Famous people lost their credentials
  • Black Eyed Peas turn up looking for last minute favours
  • Cheerleaders being cut right before the show 
  • 1 flyby with afterburners
  • 1 very important coin on the missing list
  • Random people gathering on the sideline 
  • 1 tunnel full of equipment 
  • Hundreds of volunteers rolling out the 41 stage sections
  • 1 giant flying saucer 
  • 1 sneaky on-side kick to start the 2nd half
  • 1 end-of-game pitch invasion?
  • a LOT of champagne 

My event dreams

I've had two main 'event dreams' for years now.

The first was to work at The Olympics and I did that in 2012 in London. 

The second is to work a Superbowl event. I'm now even MORE determined to do that. 

Logistical coordination on a MASSIVE scale!

The videos

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