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Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ

Jan 15
Nicola Coffey - Manager, Tallaght Stadium

Having previously worked with a golf course management company and with a degree in Sports Management, Nicola's journey into events hasn't been the 'typical' one, by any means. As Manager of Tallaght Stadium since it opened, Nicola has, however, enjoyed her immersion in the world of events

Dec 14
Mark Jacobs - Chief of Operations & Events Director, Youth Nation

At the helm of Youth Nation, Mark is one of Ireland's rising stars in the events & entertainment space. Youth Nation recently placed 3rd nationally in Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur, after wins at local and regional level first. Counting everything from weekly student nights in venues throughout the country to The Wolf of Wall Street speaking in the RDS among their stable of events, Mark is very much riding the crest of a wave.

Nov 14
Ruth McDonagh - Business Development & Operations Manager, Hell & Back

Ruth is an integral part of the management team that bring you Hell and Back in all its different incarnations. Currently stuck into planning H&B Trojan, Ruth is as comfortable researching obstacles & interviewing interns as she is on the ground making sure the H&B participants get the best event experience possible. The tale of how she got to where she is a fascinating one and should prove an inspiration to ANYONE looking to work in events.

Hi there! We don't really operate as Cuckoo Events any longer.

The majority of our work now is done as Safe Events. This website is still live as there are a LOT of resources on here - particularly in our Blog section - that people still access very regularly. If that's why you're here, carry on!

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