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Dec 14

6 Stupid Event Rules And Why They're Not Stupid

We're often told how stupid some rules at events are. Less often, are we asked to explain the thinking behind them. Here are 6 of the most common ones that come up.

#1. Putting people on your shoulders

I've NO idea what makes people think it's a good idea to put people up on their shoulders. Especially in a crowd.

Here's the thing. They're up high, with a long way to fall down and you're in an environment where it's reasonable to expect that someone may bump into you and potentially knock you off balance. 

So. Does it STILL seem like a good idea?

Add to that the fact that you having them up there is likely impeding the view of others behind you and, very quickly, not only is it reckless but it's also highly inconsiderate. 

Don't do it. It's unsafe and unlikely to endear you to those around you. 

#2. Standing up in your seat

This one was discussed on a national radio station very recently.

A couple who went to the Kylie Minogue concert in 3Arena contacted the radio station about their experience at the concert. They were decidedly unimpressed that they had been repeatedly told by staff to sit back down, as they stood to dance during the performance. The believed that their purchasing of seated tickets gave them 'the option to sit' and didn't mean they HAD to sit. 

I felt like calling in and trying to talk some sense into them but I reckon it'd have been a waste of time. They were feeling quite aggrieved. 

Here's the thing - you chose to purchase seated tickets. As did those behind you who have every right to expect to be able to see the performance, seated. In the seats they chose to purchase. As did you. 

So, should they have their view blocked by you? No. They shouldn't. 

Now sit your asses down and stop being so inconsiderate. 

#3. Dancing around handbags

We've all seen it and some of you have probably done it. A group of women on the dance floor, or, worse again, NOT on the dance floor, have decided to put all the handbags on the ground and proceed to dance around them. 

Generally they don't see the harm in it. 

They tend to see the harm in it when one of them trips over them or someone from outside of their group trips over them. 

By placing handbags on the floor you're creating a trip hazard. That's not very nice of you. 

#4. Removing caps from bottles

This one has been the source of an awful lot of discussion over the years.

So much so that I actually did a whole blog post on it quite recently. You can read Why Do Some Venues Remove Bottle Caps From Your Drinks here

Here are the highlights:

  • Bottles with caps still on and full of liquid are dangerous when thrown. No caps, less dangerous.
  • Bottles with caps still on are more of a danger as a trip hazard.

It's a safety thing, again. 

#5. Drinking on the dance floor

People dance on dance floors.

Dancing tends to involve rapid movement and flailing of limbs. The degree of both depends on your particular dancing style, but the general idea remains the same. People are moving and enjoying the music. 

You know what they're generally NOT doing during the dance floor dancing? Worrying about slipping on some spilled drink from your pint, that's what. 

There's a very strong likelihood that, in having drinks on a dance floor, drinks will be spilled on that dance floor. This makes things more dangerous and increases the potential for slips, trips and falls. 

#6. Taking your shoes off

If I had a euro for every time I've had to ask a girl to put her shoes back on at an event I reckon I'd have an extra €6,643 in my bank account. Give or take. 

A venue has a duty of care to its customer, even if the customers are idiots who think it's a good idea to take off their shoes and wander around a packed venue.

There's a reasonable likelihood they might step on glass or be stepped on by someone who still HAS their shoes on. 

YOU chose to wear those shoes.

If you're not able to spend the night in them, then don't wear them. It's ridiculous for you to expect venue to take on extra risk and liability because you make bad footwear choices. Their insurance premiums are high enough without your stupidity hiking them even more. 

Plus, you've probably left your shoes on the floor somewhere causing a trip hazard. Sound.

Keep your shoes on or leave. 

The bottom line

All the stupid rules make sense. 

They're there to keep YOU and everyone else safe even when your safety isn't your top priority.

That's why Event Safety professionals like us are so busy. 

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