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Nov 13

We Won 'Best Website of a Startup' At The Web Awards

Tonight, at a lovely awards show in the Four Seasons Hotel, our website www.cuckoo.ie won 'Best Website of a Startup' at the Realex Fire Web Awards. We're delighted.

The award is spending tonight in my apartment and shall be relocating to the office then.

We got to the Semi Final stages in 3 separate categories:

  • Best Website of a Startup
  • Best Mobile Site
  • Most Beautiful Website in Ireland

We made into the final for 'Best Website of a Startup' and 'Best Mobile Site'.

We won 'Best Website of a Startup'.

We love our website. We really do. We put a lot of work into it, with the focus being twofold:

  1. It needed to be an online representation of us in the truest sense. It needed to be US. It needed to convey our personality as a young business and needed to help people to immediately 'get us'.
  2. It needed to be extremely user-friendly. We wanted people to enjoy navigating the site. We wanted elements that people would come to realise change and update regularly in the hopes they'll come back and visit the site again.

We feel we achieved our goals. US feeling it is one thing. Winning award for it is another.

We nominated ourselves in the 3 categories and here's why:

  • These awards were being judged by normal people. John Q Publics who volunteered to do it. That's our audience, right there. THEY are the people who matter to us. They're the ones we WANT to appreciate the site. If they decided we were worthy of an award then that'd mean something to us.
  • We felt Artizan Creative, who made the site for us, deserved recognition for what they put together for us. I've said it before and I'll say it again - they crawled into our minds, 'got us' and made the website we could never have articulated. They're a special team and I've nothing but praise for them.

So there you have it. We won and we're happy out.

There were over 1000 nominations and multiple rounds of voting. Being Finalists in 2 categories was great for us. Winning was fantastic.

Thank you to Brona, Zanya and all in Artizan and thank you to Martin and Marian for dealing with my OCD about the site.

Congratulations to ALL the sites nominated in all the categories. People appreciate the effort you put into your websites. Don't forget that.


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