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Dec 13

The Story Of #CuckooClaus

A lot of people have been telling us how great #CuckooClaus was and asking how the whole thing happened so we figured we'd put a quick blog post together on it.

If you've NO idea what we're on about then check out the rundown of #CuckooClaus Day One here and #CuckooClaus Day Two here

#CuckooClaus was an idea we had to spread a little Christmas cheer by sending around a super-real looking Santa Claus, calling him #CuckooClaus and having him deliver some lovely retro sweets to random business friends from Twitter, random members of the public and anyone else who asked nicely!

Initially it was just to do something nice and spread some cheer. We realised along the way that it could foster some positive sentiment towards Cuckoo Events and it could be a nice ice-breaker with some agencies we hope to do business with in the future. We then added in marketing and PR agencies around Dublin to the list and off we went.

It worked very well for us. Most of the agencies engaged with us on Twitter and posted their pictures with #CuckooClaus too. There was a lot of genuine excitement about him visiting.

We even had agencies and businesses whom we hadn’t planned to visit getting in touch on Twitter looking for some #CuckooClaus action so we hooked them up too.

All the places and people we visited were delighted to see #CuckooClaus. Well. Not ALL. The nice security man at Marconi House where TodayFM & NewsTalk live didn’t let poor #CuckooClaus into the building. That made him sad.

Some of the best reactions we had were from members of the public who were completely taken aback by the whole thing. They got sweets or selection boxes for their kids too.

Marian got to drive #CuckooClaus around for the two days and got to indulge here festive cheer! She loved it. 

We ALL loved it, in fairness! 

Campaign Results

Note: we didn’t really think of this as a ‘campaign’. It was just something nice to do.

Note: we’ve NO idea if the Twitter stats are any good. We just thought we’d get a report so we can benchmark future #CuckooClaus activity against something.

  • 2 days of activity
  • 160,326 Twitter accounts reached
  • 392,651 impressions
  • 279 tweets
  • 69 contributors

#CuckooClaus was great fun and we’ll be doing it again. Perhaps with more of a business development focus but we don’t want to ruin it. We’re looking at a charity angle for next year too. Onwards!

Merry Christmas! 

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