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Apr 14

Cuckoo Nominated In Two Categories In Social Media Awards 2014

We're fairly active in Social Media land, with the most active events blog in the country and an MD who can't seem to get off Twitter. Now we're in the running to win a couple of awards for our Social Media antics.

We're up for Best Business / Org Twitter Campaign for our #CuckooClaus activity in Dec 13 and Jan 14. 

Long story short, we sent Santa Claus around Dublin city visiting agencies and clients etc. spreading some Christmas cheer while handing out some lovely old school sweet gifts. 

You can read all about #CuckooClaus in this blog post.

We're also in the running for Best Blog of an SME too.

We do blog a LOT, in fairness. 

It'll be interesting to see how much further we get in the process. 

We like the Sockies (#Sockies14) as it's judged by ordinary people, just like the Web Awards at which we won last year

You can check out all the nominations here

Good luck to all who are nominated and thank to all the sponsors too.

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