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May 16

Cuckoo Finalists In Two Categories At Social Media Awards 2016

We're finalists in 2 categories in the Social Media Awards this year and we're quite chuffed about it too.

Last year we were delighted with our win at the Social Media Awards for 'Best Use Of Social Media by an SME (Micro)'. 

As you may well know we don't avertise in the traidtional sense. Our marketing and branding activity is accomplished mainly through digital channels, with our social media activity, blogging and general content creation work being our main tools.

This is us winning last year. Happy heads on us. 

This year we're finalists in:

  • Use of Social by an SME
  • Blog of an SME

Naturally we'd like to retain our crown from last year but it'd be nice to win an award for the blog, actually. We put a lot of time and effort into the posts on here. They've a modest-sized audience, I reckon, but some posts perform very well indeed. 

Anyway, luckily enough, it's a case of being delighted to have made the final. The judging for these ones is done by normal people. So, from our perspective, it's our potential customers judging whether we're good at what we do rather than a panel of 'experts' or 'digital gurus' or what have you. We like that and we're happy to have made the final.

The Awards themselves are on in the RDS on 25th May. It's always a fun night.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, yeah?

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