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May 16

Cuckoo Wins Again At 2016 Social Media Awards

We went into the 2016 Social Media Awards hopeful we might retain the award we won in 2015. We were only hopeful. Competition in our category was stiff. We did win it though and we're delighted.

Speaking about Cuckoo, Social Media Awards and Web Awards organiser, Damien Mulley, said:

"Cuckoo have been consistent winners at the Social Media Awards and the Web Awards for the past few years. Their online communications, both using social media and their website, has been a leading example for SMEs on clear and useful information shared in a transparent way. The judges strive to award points to companies that can be used as a best practice example and Cuckoo Events does that."

Martin in here took a really arty photo just after we won. Check it out above! 

We were finalistas in the same 2 categories as last year:

  • Best Blog of an SME
  • Best Use of Social Media by an SME (Micro)

We always think the 'Best Blog' one must be really difficult to judge. The Best Use of Social one is probably easier to judge as it can be based on growth and figures etc. That's how we think of it. We could be miles off!

We're delighted to have won again anyway. 

It was a great night!

Congratulations to ALL The winners at the #Sockies16 last night. You can check out all the winners over here on the website.

Also, fair play to the folks over at Maximum Media and Radical Dublin for giving it socks (see what I did there?) in the lip sync battle. I'll never be able to look at the Spice Girls the same way again.

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