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Mar 15

We're Finalists In Three Categories In The SME Awards

We were delighted to find out today that we're finalists in 3 different categories in this year's SME Awards. We were only entered in 3 categories from the outset, so to have made it through multiple rounds of judging to the finals of all 3 is a great achievement.

The 3 categories we're finalists in are:

  • Startup
  • Company Transformation
  • B2B SME Growth

It's gas to think we're technically still classed as a Startup but it's true. We're still less than 3 years in existence. We've done a lot in those 3 years but we're still young in the grand scheme of things. 

We've lots more to do. 

We're in the Company Transformation category on the back of our award-winning website. Our website launched on our 1 year anniversary and transformed things immeasurably for us. We'd been flat out for the first year and were working on the website in the background. Within a couple of months of launching it we're were ranked No.1 on Google for the majority of our chosen keywords etc. and things really took off big time.

Being finalists in the B2B SME Growth category is testament to how much we've grown, year on year, since we started. We've more than doubled our turnover each year and are set for a huge Year 3. 

Sound, Blacknight

Blacknight are sponsoring this year's SME Awards and they've kindly said they're paying for 2 tickets to the event for all finalist.

Sound, Blacknight. appreciate that. 

The bottom line

Genuinely, we're delighted to be finalists in the 3 categories we were entered in. 

There have been multiple judging rounds to get to the finalists listings and that means a lot of other people recognise what we've achieved so far. 

We've won a few awards already. . . 

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