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Mar 16

Cuckoo Events Finalists In SME Awards 2016

We're finalists in the SME Awards for the 2nd year running and we're delighted.

We've won our share of awards, in fairness, but we'd love to win this one.

There's a great SME community in Ireland that doesn't give itself enough credit or, indeed, get it from anywhere else. Awards like the SME Awards are great as they give hardworking SME owner / managers the chance to step back and celebrate what they do. That can only be a good thing.

We'd quite like to celebrate a win in the 'B2B SME Growth' category as part of that celebration too if possible!

The awards night is next month. Fingers crossed. 

This seems like an opportune time to say another thanks to our Team, both part time and full time, for making our growth and success possible. That's a lot of us there. Happy heads on us and that was after running 3 Paddy's Day parades too. 

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