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Jan 15

Placement / Work Experience Opportunity Available

We've an opportunity for someone to come in on work experience / placement from college. We've a lot of great events coming up and the learning opportunities for someone are huge.

We get a lot of emails each week from people looking for placement opportunities, work experience or full time work with us here in Cuckoo HQ.

We have 594 emails in our 'Work / Experience' folder. Its not realistic for us to go through all those and mail them when we DO have an opportunity. 

We respond to every one as we get them and we advise them to keep an eye on the blog as any opportunities we have will be up on here. 

True to our word, here's an opportunity, on the blog.

What you'll get

This is a placement / work experience role.

It'll likely suit someone in college who is due on placement from February onwards for 6 months or perhaps someone who's been waiting to get an opportunity in events. 

It is NOT envisaged, at this stage, that this will turn into a full time role. 

We took on an intern last year with a view to it becoming full time and that person is still with us. 

We'll pay you what we can and we'll give you loads of paid work opportunities too.  

So here's what you'll be getting:

  • Weekly expenses. Not much but not nothing. 
  • Loads of paid work opportunities. We've a lot of events booked in already and there are paid roles available at these events. We will offer you paid work at as many of these events as we can. We pay our staff well as they're representing us. 
  • To work in an award-winning event management company. We've won at the Event Industry Awards and plenty of others. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it. You'll need to be similar. 
  • The best training available. You'll be working with us at a time when we're investing heavily in training our core Event Team. You'll gain a lot of experience, certs and insight while with us. 
  • To work with some great event professionals. We're good and we enjoy helping others learn the industry.
  • To work in a fun office. We have a lot of fun in the office. We work late when we need to. We come in late when we have the option. We like to blow off steam from time to time.
  • Autonomy & responsibility. We'll give you as much as you're able for and comfortable with. 
  • Future work. We've only had one other person come in to a role like this but he still works with us on our events. We've had other people come in for a couple of weeks experience and they still get offered work too. Think about the value of that. 

Who we need

We need someone who fits in here. We're picky. We make no apologies for it. 

You need to be:

  • Nice. We're nice and you should be too. I can be grumpy but everyone else is pretty much nice all the time.
  • Excited by the idea of working on ALL sorts of events. If all you're interested in is working on weddings in a hotel venue, don't apply. If all you want to do is work the VIP area at a big festival, don't apply.
  • Excited by actually WORKING on events. We get stuck in. We plan it, we book it, we organise it but we also DO it. You'll need to too. 
  • Confident. Know what you can offer. Know what you're good at. Know where you want / need to learn. 
  • Interested in what happens BEFORE the event. We do a lot of event planning work. That means Risk Assessments, Site Meeting, Statutory Meetings, maps and more. 
  • An events person. We need someone who KNOWS events is what they want to do. We don't want someone who's looking to find that out. 
  • Able / happy to sell. We all sell in here. If you're the one who answers the phone to the guy looking for a PaintGlow show, then sell him a PaintGlow show. 
  • Able to use the usual computer software. Anything MORE than that could be a bonus but you need to be comfortable with the usual suspects.
  • Happy to speak up. We work in a very collaborative environment. Everyone's ideas are valid. That means yours too. 
  • Happy to do a few blog posts on your experience with us. Everyone who's been with us has done this and other event management students and others interested have found them very beneficial. 
  • Happy to sign our non-disclosure agreement. That means that the things you are privy to while with us won't be used to the benefit of any of our competitor's or yourself in competition with us etc. It's standard. 
  • Able to bring in your own laptop. It's handier that way. We can hook you up to our network and shared drives in here. 

Definite bonuses

The following would be great but are not necessarily deal-breakers:

  • Full drivers licence.
  • Experience in events. 
  • Experience in areas we don't currently operate in. 
  • Interest in blogging.

What we're at

We're very busy at the minute and this isn't the busy time of the year.

We're heading INTO the busy time of the year.

Currently we're working on:

  • A feasibility study for a weekend festival on an airfield
  • A feasibility study for a weekend festival with camping
  • Submission for a large event in a very prestigious venue
  • Training program for delivery internationally
  • A licence application for a weekend event for 30,000+ people
  • Venue dressing & entertainment for a gala ball with 800 people
  • Costings for 3 x events for a national charity
  • Consulting on a series of large mass-participation events
  • Review of how we do our Event Management Plans
  • .......................

What we have coming up

We've a lot of stuff 'floating' at the minute. We've proposals in. We've things we're waiting for the go ahead on. We've things that may or may not happen. 

These are some of the things that ARE happening in the next number of months:

  • 2 x St. Patrick's Day parades
  • An adventure race
  • A youth-focused outdoor music event
  • A large international sporting event with significant infrastructure build
  • 2 x large charity mass-participation events
  • A weekend festival of food & culture
  • A large county show event
  • A large local festival / outdoor on-street event
  • 2 x family fun days
  • At least one mass-participation race event
  • ........................

Other things we want to do

We've some other projects and ideas we're working on in here, including:

  • Our Social Media activity - we're very active on Twitter & with our blogging already. We're looking to develop what we're doing here and are looking at opportunities with video, events and more. 
  • Our resources for #eventstudents and people interested in the industry - we do a lot of blogging and mailers etc. specifically geared towards people looking to get into events, like event management students. We've ideas to do more with this. 
  • eBook - we working on a couple of eBook ideas that we're very excited about.
  • Training - we're developing our training offering at the minute. We're working on internal training for our core Event Team as well as training programmes we'll be delivering externally.

What you'll be doing

You'll be working on any and all of what we've outlined above. 

You'll be working on anything  else that comes in along the way. 

You could be ringing suppliers getting prices for things. You could be working on some of our club shows. You could be counting stock. You could be inputting into an EMP. You could be meeting with clients. You could be meeting with prospective clients. You will be answering phones if the rest of us can't. You may make tea sometimes. You may be photocopying, laminating, guillotining at times. We all do whatever needs doing. 

What exactly you'll be doing will depend on what you're good at, what we need, what the rest of us are working on, what else is on at the time and so on. 

If there are elements of what we've outlined above that you definitely DON'T want to do, then think hard about whether you want to apply for this.

Some good advice

Here's some advice to help you out:

  • Spend some time on our website. Know what we're like and what we value.
  • Do yourself justice. If you want to work with us then give yourself the best shot.
  • Be creative. Stand out from the crowd. CVs and cover letters are standard. Feel free to send those in. 
  • If you ARE going to send in a CV then have a read of this
  • Understand we're very picky. We are how we are and we trust our gut instincts on people. If you don't get invited for interview or don't get the role, it doesn't mean you're no good or won't have a great career in events. It just means we felt someone else would suit us better for this. 

The important stuff

This placement is for 6 months (to match the college placements) from around Feb 9th 2015 through to early August 2015.

If you've set placement dates from college and they're not exactly the dates above then we may be able to make it work still. 

General hours will be 9am - 5pm, office based at our office in Dublin 8. Allowances are made for time spent on events outside of normal hours, or for anything else reasonable. 

We will not entertain any new approaches for this work after 5pm on 30th January 2015.

If we think it's worth you coming in for a chat then we'll get in touch and look to set one up for the first week in February.

We hire people based on our gut instinct. We trust it and we usually get it right. 

Send anything you're sending in support of your application for the work to mark@cuckoo.ie 

January 12, 2017, 11:14 am

Hi Caroline, Thanks for getting in touch. I'm not familiar with any programme such as the type you mention in your blog post. That's not really something I'd be clued into though so options for people in Kenya may well exist, I just wouldn't be aware of them. Good luck with it. Mark

January 12, 2017, 08:23 am

Hi, My name is Caroline. I am 33 years old and I live in Kenya. I have worked in the event industry in Kenya for 5 years but i would like to get international work experience in conference, meeting and event planning. Do you have any programs where Africans and Kenyans can apply and the costs associated with the same? Please provide any other information as well. -- Kind Regards, Caroline Mwaniki

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