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Dec 17

Cuckoo Offering Placement Opportunity In 2018

We're offering a placement opportunity in early 2018. We've a lot of work on in 2018 and we feel there's a good opportunity there for the right person to fit in with our Team and enjoy a unique and rewarding placement here with us.

We've already been approached by a lot of people looking to come join us for placement in 2018. 

We don't often bring in placement students. In fact, we've only done it twice in the past. It worked out very well both times. 

We only offer placement positions when everything makes sense, and we know it will be a genuinely superb opportunity for someone. We need to be sure there are events you will get to work on that will help you develop yourself as an event professional. We don't just run through placement students and have you making tea and photocopying. F*ck that. 

What you need to know about us

We operate two event brands - Cuckoo Events and Safe Events

A lot of what we do involves the planning and management of large-scale, mass-gathering events. We also work on corporate family fun days, local festivals and the likes too. 

Some of our 2017 projects included:

We work on a wide range of events and are generally responsible for the vast majority, if not all, of the planning and event management of events we work on. We take on a lot of responsibility and we take it seriously.

All that said, we're far from your typical event management company or corporate environment. We enjoy ourselves at work but we get the work done. If you're looking for a traditional office environment then we're not for you.

What you'll get

This is a placement / work experience role.

It'll likely suit someone in college who is due on placement from February onwards for 6 months approximately or perhaps someone who's been waiting to get an opportunity in events. 

It is NOT envisaged, at this stage, that this will turn into a full-time role. 

We'll pay you what we can and we'll give you loads of paid work opportunities too.  

So, here's what you'll be getting:

  • Weekly expenses. Not much but not nothing. 
  • To work on some amazing events. We're contracted to work on some great events in 2018 already including the Irish Maritime Festival, Dublin Marathon, some internatinal sporting events, Saudi events and more. We have clients here and abroad, with some really interesting Saudi events coming up too. 
  • Loads of paid work opportunities. We've a lot of events booked in already and there are paid roles available at these events. We will offer you paid work at as many of these events as we can. 
  • To work in an award-winning event management company. We've won plenty of awards. Some mean something and others don't. Winning business is more important. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it. You'll need to be similar. 
  • The best training available. We train our core Event Team extensively. We run internationally-accredited courses that you may well be interested in attending too.
  • To work with some great event professionals. We're good at what we do. Part of what we enjoy doing is helping others to get into the industry and learn to love what we love. 
  • To work in a fun office. We have a lot of fun in the office. We work late when we need to. We come in late when we have the option. We like to blow off steam from time to time. It is most definitely not your typical corporate environment. Bear that in mind if you're going to apply.
  • Autonomy & responsibility. We'll give you as much as you're able for and comfortable with. In the past, our placement students have run events from start to finish and we'd like you doing that too.
  • Future work. We're a tight-knit group and the few placement students we have still either work with us or have become frineds and not work elesewhere. You may well continue to work with our Event Team once your placement is finished. Think about the value of that. 
  • That warm fuzzy feeling. We're involved in a number of things to benefit the industry and to help future generations coming into the event industry. You'll likely be involved in some of that. 

Who we need

We need someone who we feel will fit in well here. That's key to us. If we don't find that person, then we won't take a placement person. That's no reflection on you. You may fit in beautifully somewhere else. We're picky. 

You need to be:

  • Nice. We're nice and you should be too. I can be grumpy but everyone else is pretty much nice all the time. Plus I've become way more zen since becoming a father.
  • Excited by the idea of working on ALL sorts of events. We take on projects we know we can deliver well. Have a look at our 69+ case studies and you'll see the range of what we do. You won't be working on 'just' any one type of event in here.
  • Excited by actually WORKING on events. We get stuck in. We plan it, we book it, we organise it but we also DO it. You'll need to too. We're both strategic and operational. We tend to do more than what's in our job description.
  • Confident. Don't be afraid to know your mind and speak it. 
  • Interested in what happens BEFORE the event. We do a lot of event planning work. That means Risk Assessments, Site Meetings, Statutory Meetings, maps and more. 
  • An events person. We need someone who KNOWS events is what they want to do. We don't want someone who's looking to find that out. We're not here to help you figure it out. We're here to help you progress in an industry that's tough to get breaks in. 
  • Able / happy to sell. We all sell in here. If you're the one who answers the phone to the lady looking for a company to help with their local festival, then let's get that local festival. Sell. 
  • Able to use the usual computer software. Anything MORE than that could be a bonus but you need to be comfortable with the usual suspects.
  • Happy to speak up. We work in a very collaborative environment. Everyone's ideas are valid. That means yours too. 
  • Happy to do a few blog posts on your experience with us. Everyone who's been with us has done this and other event management students and others interested have found them very beneficial. 
  • Happy to sign our non-disclosure agreement. That means that the things you are privy to while with us won't be used to the benefit of any of our competitors or yourself in competition with us etc. It's pretty standard. 

Definite bonuses

The following would be great but are not deal-breakers:

  • Your won contacts in the event industry.
  • Full drivers licence.
  • Experience in events. 
  • Experience in areas we don't currently operate in. 
  • Interest in blogging / social / digital.

What you'll be doing

You'll be working alongside us to plan and manage whatever we're working on at a given time. You may work predominantly on a particualr project that needs support or you may be working across a number of projects. It just depends on what we have on and what way we allcoate staff etc. 

You could be ringing suppliers getting prices for things. You could be counting stock. You could be inputting into an EMP. You could be meeting with clients. You could be meeting with prospective clients. You could be answering the phone. You may make tea sometimes. We all do. You may be photocopying, laminating, guillotining at times. We all do whatever needs doing. 

What exactly you'll be doing will depend on what you're good at, what we need, what the rest of us are working on, what else is on at the time and so on. 

If there are elements of what we've outlined above that you definitely DON'T want to do, then think hard about whether you want to apply for this.

Some good advice

Here's some advice to help you out:

  • Spend some time on our websites. Know what we're like and what we value. Figure out if you'd actually fit in well here. We run both Cuckoo Events and Safe Events out of the exact same office. 
  • Do yourself justice. If you want to work with us then give yourself the best shot.
  • Be creative. Stand out from the crowd. CVs and cover letters are standard. Feel free to send those in but I suggest you look beyond that to get our attention.
  • If you ARE going to send in a CV then have a read of this
  • Understand we're very picky. We are how we are and we trust our gut instincts on people. If you don't get invited for interview or don't get the role, it doesn't mean you're no good or won't have a great career in events. It just means we felt someone else would suit us better for this. 

The important stuff

This placement is for 6 months or so and will likely start in early February 2018. We're flexible in this if you're the right person for us and your dates are different. 

General hours will be 9am - 5.30pm, office based at our office in Dublin 8. Allowances are made for time spent on events outside of normal hours, or for anything else reasonable. 

We will not entertain any new approaches for this work after 5pm on December 22nd 2017.

If we think it's worth you coming in for a chat then we'll get in touch and look to set one up for early January 2018.

We hire people based on our gut instinct. We trust it and we usually get it right. 

Send anything you're sending in support of your application for the work to mark@cuckoo.ie 

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