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Sep 15

We're Looking For Our Next Cuckoo Events Team Member

We're looking to expand the Team here in Cuckoo. We're getting busier and busier and we need to bring someone in to help us keep growing. We did this last year too and were lucky enough to find an amazing new colleague and we're hoping this time around works out just as well.

Take a look around

Suss us out by looking through our website, checking out the case studies and checking us out on Social Media.

You'll get a feel for what we do and how we do it. 

Do take the time to look around. You may decide we're not the place for you to progress your career in events. You may decide the type of events we do aren't really what you're looking to get into. If that happens, then that's fine. You'll be saving your own time as well as ours.

If you suss us out and think you'd like to work here then keep reading.

Some advice & context

We did this last year and we found Elaine.

Elaine is with us full time and we don't plan on letting her go anywhere. She's been a fantastic addition and his slotted into the Team perfectly. She's gotten to work on some amazing events and she's added a significant value to what we do in here.

Elaine didn't study events and hadn't previously worked in events. She was working in a different industry and decided she wanted to get into events. Having decided that and having seen we were looking for someone she got in front of us and impressed us greatly. 

We had a LOT of people apply for the job last year. We had event management graduates. We had people who had worked in the event industry for years. We had other people looking to transition from other industries also.

Elaine stood out. She stood out because of who she is and she stood out because of how she went about convincing us to hire her.

You need to be exceptional and you need to make us understand that. 

Firing in a 'Dear Sir / Madam' email with your standard CV attached is unlikely to do it. 

Don't say we didn't warn you. . . 

A little about us

We're growing rapidly. Ask around.

We ran Dublin Pride this year. We looked after all the Event Safety for the Irish Maritime Festival, the Ireland V England International Cricket One Day International, Flavours of Fingal, The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival. We have done corporate Family Fun days for a wide range of clients. 

We produced the Newstalk activity at Electric Picnic. We're at the Ploughing working with the National Dairy Council and Done Deal. 

We ran Darkness Into Light in Malahide. We're working on the 2nd Run For Your Lives event this October. We're working with multiple clients on Halloween and Christmas activity. We're working on a big new festival for next year as part of the 1916 commemoration activity. 

That's just some of what we do in here. We do a lot more than that too. 

We work hard and we have a lot of fun.

Our office isn't a playground but it's not exactly a corporate environment either. We're all strong personalities and we're all quite sarcastic. 

It works for us.

Who we need

We need someone who knows their own value and doesn't mind speaking up. There's plenty of scope to learn and develop in here so don't worry if you've not had a lot of experience. That's not necessarily a problem. We do need you to be confident in yourself though and to be able to add a new dimension to what we do.

Last year we said the following:

'We need someone who's excited by the idea of being part of something. Yes, we're aware of how poncey that sounds but we mean it. 

We're building something here. We're gaining momentum and we're doing well. We need someone who likes that and loves the idea of being part of the journey.'

This is still the case. All that's different is that we're a year further on and even busier. 

Here's the type of person we're hoping to find:

  • Someone interested in what goes into #makinghappyhappen. A lot goes into an event well before we're on site actually seeing happy, smiling faces. We need you to understand that and be excited by the planning and prep work. We have highly effective systems and procedures for planning our events as well as standards we aim to keep.
  • Someone looking for variety. We work on a wide range of events. If you think you only want to do corporate events then don't get in touch. If you think you only want to do festivals, don't get in touch. If you want to work on all sorts of events then let's hear from you.
  • Someone willing & able to wok on their own initiative. We all enjoy helping each other out in here and we're all looking forward to working alongside this new Team member and helping them develop. That said, we'll give you as much responsibility and autonomy as you're able for and happy to take. 
  • Someone who knows this is for them. We're unlikely to invest time and money into someone who is dipping their toe in to see if events is for them. That's not what we're looking to do here. We're looking to find a true event person. Now. 
  • Someone we get a good vibe off. This is vital. If we don't get a good vibe off you / your email / your CV then we won't be talking to you about the role. It's that simple. There are some GREAT people looking for work at the minute and it's from that pool we'll be picking. Make sure you're in that category and do yourself justice in your approach / CV etc.
  • Someone nice. If you've sussed us out then you'll know how important this is to us.
  • Someone who naturally goes that extra mile. If you tend to watch the clock til it's home time, this probably isn't for you. If a client with a last minute awkward request drives you mental, then this probably isn't for you. If you want to work with a Team that takes great pride in their work and will always do what it takes to improve things, then you're our type of person.
  • Someone who understands sales is an element of every job. This one is no different. We need to make sales or nobody gets paid. We all do some selling in here. 

Perfect world stuff

We THINK our new Team member should have the following. These aren't necessarily deal-breakers but they'll definitely help you stand out...

  • A creative & curious mind. Can you draw or sketch? Can you pull creative concepts together? Do you understand how to make a room pretty?
  • Full drivers licence. 
  • Experience in events. 
  • Experience / interest in Social Media, blogging etc.
  • Experience / skills YOU know we need but WE don't know we need. Now, figure that one out. . . 

What you get

We're structuring this role the same way we did Elaine's role when she joined us. We're doing that because it worked so well for both Elaine and ourselves.

This starts off as an 'internship' of sorts, even though we don't like that word. We're not here to take advantage of you. We're not here to work you to the bone, not pay you, cut you loose at the end and move on to our next intern. That's not what we do. Ask Elaine. 

You'll be here for 4 months initially. We'll pay you and we'll give you loads of paid work opportunities too. 

This isn't a situation whereby we're bringing someone in for the 4 months because we've a load of extra work and we'd love someone to do it all without having to pay them a full wage. It's actually the opposite. We want to use the 4 months to see if we all work well together and like one another etc.

At the END of the 4 months we're heading into our busiest period and we want to have found someone who will be sticking with us full time.

So here's what you do get:

  • Weekly expenses. We don't want working with us to cost you money. We want you to look forward to coming in here every day. 
  • Plenty of paid work opportunities. We'll have paid roles at our events and you'll have the opportunity to make more money this way. 
  • To work in an award-winning event management company. We're the best at what we do in everything we do. We've won at the Event Industry Awards, the Web Awards, the eircom Spiders, the Social Media Awards and the Web Awards. We take the same pride in everything we do.
  • To work with some great event professionals. Our core Team and extended Team are some of the best in the business. You'll be working alongside us and will be involved in everything we do. You'll learn from some great event people.
  • To work on some great industry initiatives. We do a lot of work on Social Media and we're also running an industry conference later this year. You can check that out over at www.sidestage.ie
  • To work in a fun environment. 
  • Structured mentoring. We'll work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and see what training or up-skilling might help both you and us.
  • Autonomy & responsibility. It's yours if you want it and are up for it.
  • A superb learning opportunity. Make the most of it. We enjoy helping people learn about events and how they work best. Make that work for you. 
  • Loads of fun event toys to play with. Some days it makes all the difference! ha

Our best advice

Be creative. Do yourself justice. Our feelings on CVs and cover letters are well known... You can catch up on those here

If you can be creative to GET the job, then it's likely you can be creative to get US jobs. 

The small print

This work is for an initial 4 month period from October 5th 2015 through to January 31st 2016.

General hours will be 9am - 5pm, office based at our office in Dublin 8. Allowances are made for time spent on events outside of normal hours, or for anything else reasonable. 

We will not entertain any new approaches for this work after 5pm on Friday 25th September

If we think it's worth you coming in for a chat then we'll get in touch and look to set one up for the week of 28th September.

We hire people based on our gut instinct. We trust it and we usually get it right. 

Send anything you're sending in support of your application for the work to mark@cuckoo.ie with 'Advertised role 2015' in the subject line.

Amanda Daly
November 5, 2015, 01:03 pm

Hey Team, I'm currently looking for a new event role and have seen you guys in action, twas impressive to say the least. You helped us out for our Family Day last June and we had a great day. I even tried the bungee run :-) Anyway, I would love to come in to meet you guys and love even more the opportunity to work with you out in the event world... I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Amanda

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