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Sep 15

Cuckoo Events Co-Founder Doing MSc In Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis

Cuckoo Events Co-Founder & Senior Partner, Mark Breen, has just begun an MSc in Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis. The course, developed by Prof Dr G Keith Still, the foremost authority in this area, is the first of its kind in the world.

Mark is already one of Ireland's most qualified and experienced Event Controllers and Safety Officers.

The entire Cuckoo Event Team is constantly training and developing his skills so as to ensure that people attending events where Cuckoo provides event safety services are as safe as they can possibly be. 

The point

We are passionate about running great, safe events.

We are the ONLY event management company in Ireland specialising in event safety.

Furthermore, we're the only true event safety specialists in Ireland.

We are constantly learning and up-skilling in the area of event safety to ensure we are leading the industry here.

The MSc

The MSc in Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis is being offered by Manchester Metropolitan University and has been developed by Prof Dr G Keith Still who has long been one of the world's thought leaders in the area of crowd management for large public mass gathering events. 

He has consulted on numerous large-scale projects across the world that have involved planning for the safety of large groups of people at events. 

He worked on the Sydney Olympics and the Royal Wedding in 2011 among others. 

He is currently acting as an expert witness in the ongoing legal proceedings resulting from the Love Parade disaster in 2010, which saw 21 people dead and hundreds of people injured.

The MSc class consists of 9 students from 5 countries across Europe. Mark is joined on the course by Paul Barnes from Fingal County Council with whom we regularly work to run large-scale events for upwards of 60,000 people.

Some history

Mark has been following Keith's work since around 2000 when he published his dissertation entitled 'Crowd Dynamics'. Back then Mark got in touch with Keith who sent on a full copy of his thesis on CD, which Mark did his best to work through and understand.

Over the years more and more of what was in that PhD thesis has come to make sense to Mark as he has worked on large scale events responsible for the safety of tens of thousands of people.

Quite recently Mark, along with 3 other members of the Cuckoo Events Team, completed a Diploma in Crowd Science delivered by Keith.

It was an intensive course involving tuition and submission of coursework. We all found great value in this and Mark has found it a great foundation for going on to do the MSc. 

The bottom line

Mark doing the MSc further demonstrates Cuckoo's commitment to event safety and ensuring we're running the best, safest events we can. 

Expect some more announcements in the next few months in relation to the Team here continuing to lead the way in this regard. 

We're the best at what we do and we're striving to be better. 

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