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Mar 15

Cuckoo Events to work with Maritime Festival 2015

Cuckoo Events are delighted to have been chosen to provide Event Safety services to this year's Maritime Festival, to be held in Drogheda from 19th - 21st June.

Featuring a fairground, family fun activities, food, art and music as well as a full programme of activity on the water, including extreme sports, paddle boarding and a boat race, this year's festival looks set to be bigger and better than ever. 

We have gotten a reputation for providing Event Safety services at events with particular, or unusual challenges. Examples include the Bray Air Show, with 85,000+ people on the beach, Ireland's first Fire Parade last year, a charity event featuring a huge bonfire in the woods and Ireland's first custom built slip n'slide on Bray Head. 

The challenge of working on the Maritime Festival and all it entails was something they were very keen to get involved in. 

Speaking about the win, our Co-Founder & Senior Partner, Martin Cullen says:

'We're delighted. We thrive on these types of events. Family audiences with some challenging elements, from our perspective, are what it's all about. It's for these events we do all the training and courses we do. We can't wait.'

Check out the Maritime Festival and if you come along, do say hello.

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