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Sep 14

Cuckoo Expands With Major Senior Appointment

In the biggest development yet in the short existence of Cuckoo Events, we're delighted to announce that Mags Connelly, owner and founder of Health & Safety Essentials, is coming on board with us full time.

The past

We've worked with Mags on numerous projects since before Cuckoo event existed, most notably on behalf of joint client Fingal County Council. 

Personally, I've known Mags since my time in UL and her time with Sword Security, whom we both still work with on occasion. We worked very well together over at the London Olympics 2012. It may well have been there that we both realised our futures may involve working together in a more structured and permanent manner. 

Mags is largely responsible for my own career development in Event Safety and she's not shy about reminding me of it either. I've learned a lot from her over the years and continue to learn from her on every event we do.

We have often mused about officially joining forces. The time seemed right, given the rate at which we're developing and how busy we're getting. 

The present

Mags will be with us full time from Monday 22nd September and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience both in events in general as well as specifically in the area of Event Safety. 

Mags will be active in all areas of Cuckoo activity with particular focus initially on Event Safety, Training & Development and Business Development. 

She is very highly regarded in the events industry and is constantly busy as an Event Controller, Safety Officer and consultant. 

We work with some of the same clients already and will be looking to add to the roster to service more very quickly, with the increased capacity. 

Mags will also continue to service her long-established non-event general health & safety clients. Our event clients will benefit from this in a number of ways, chief among them her understanding of and experience in the construction trade which is helpful on site builds we're involved in as well as her many years of making events safe and secure. 

The future

In the VERY immediate future, Mags, Martin and I are away tomorrow strategising (is that a word?) and clearing our heads to hit the ground running from Monday onwards. 

Mags is the perfect senior appointment for us, as she operates just like we do here at Cuckoo. 

She values her clients above all and constantly strives to do more and give more to improve all aspects of the events she's involved in. 

She's a straight talker (you know we like those!) and, bottom line: she's very, very good at what she does. 

So, it'll be business as usual from a Cuckoo perspective. 

There'll now just be ANOTHER person in here being nice and #makinghappyhappen 

Mags will be at mags@cuckoo.ie 

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