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Nov 13

We Only Went And Won An Eircom Spider Award

Last night we won an Eircom Spider award in the 'Professional Services' category for our website www.cuckoo.ie and we're delighted to have done so!

We're still in a bit of shock, to be honest. 

We LOVE our site obviously and we poured our heart and souls into it hoping to make it an enjoyable user experience for anyone stopping by. 

It seems we achieved that. Well, so think the judging panel for the Spiders and we can't ask for more than that!

The official word from the judging panel was:

'The recipient of the 2013 eircom Spider for Professional Services award has presented a very modern and useful site. Users enjoy seamless browsing and it just oozes their business personality.'

Coupled with the Web Award for 'Best Website of a Startup' I guess the world is telling us we accomplished what we set out to do.

Major credit goes to the wonderful Zanya and Brona in Artizan who built the site for us. We've said it before - they climbed into our heads and somehow figured out exactly what we wanted and they made it happen. THAT'S some mad skills. 

They do phenomenal work and had another site of theirs for Funked Up Fixies win an award on the night too! 

We're chuffed.


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