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Apr 15

Cuckoo Events Shortlisted In 2 Categories In The Event Industry Awards 2015

Still less than three years old as a business, we're delighted to be shortlisted in the Event Industry Awards in 2 of the main categories.

The categories we're shortlisted in are:

  1. Best Event Management Company
  2. Best Event Team

We're delighted.

Why we're delighted

We've made no bones about it since we started Cuckoo in August 2012.

We want to be the best.

We want to be known as having the best Event Team.

Being shortlisted in categories such as Best Event Management Company and Best Event Team is proof that we're making progress towards those goals.

You can see the full shortlist here.

The bottom line

We would love to win the Best Event Team award in particular. 

We put a lot of time and effort into our Event Team and we feel like we've put together the best Team there is. 

We'd like that one please and thanks. 

The awards night is May 27th. We'll let you know how we get on. 

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